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Lalor Roddy


1998 Irish Times Theatre Awards Best Actor for Abby Theatres In A Little World Of Our Own· Shooting The Truth Commissioner Feature Film
Playing Range:Sixties
Hair: Black/Grey
Height: 5'11
Build: Slim
Eyes: Brown
Accents: Excellent aptitude for accents.
Musical Instruments:
Vehicle Licences:
Current Location: Belfast


Theatre Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Venue
King Baby Jimmy Simon Usher Royal Shakespeare Company
Amphibians Humpy Michael Attenborough Royal Shakespeare Company
Shadows (Irish Trilogy) Dan Burke John Crowley Royal Shakespeare Company
Measure for Measure Provost Michael Boyd Royal Shakespeare Company (Tour)
The Tempest Antonio Conall Morrison Abbey Theatre Dublin
In a Little World Of Our Own Walter Conall Morrison Abbey Theatre Dublin
Observe The Sons Of Ulster Nat McIllwaine Patrick Mason Abbey Theatre/Edinburgh
Macbeth Seyton et al Patrick Mason Abbey Theatre
Shadow Of A Gunman Donal Davoran Jon Pope Citizens Theatre Glasgow
Blasted Journalist Jimmy Fay Bedrock Productions
Silas Mariner Silas Andy Heinz Tivoli Theatre/National Tour
Paradise Elisha Scott Dan Gordon The Lyric Theatre
The Weir Jack Fionna Buffini The Lyric Theatre
A Dolls House Dr Rank Simon Magill The Lyric Theatre
Hard To Believe John Foster Conall Morrison The Lyric Theatre / National Tour
Pentecost Lenny Stephen Wright The Lyric Theatre / National Tour
Volunteers Butt Robin Midgeley The Lyric Theatre
Angels With Split Voices Monologue David Grant The Lyric Theatre / Glasgow Mayfest
Over The Bridge Warren Roland Jaquarello The Lyric Theatre / Glasgow Mayfest
This Love Thing Jesus Jim Culleton Old Museum Arts Centre
Death And The Maiden Gerardo Escobar Simon Magill Old Museum Arts Centre
The Hobbit Gandalf David Grant Old Museum Arts Centre
Death And The Ploughman Death Christian Scarletti Theatre De Rheins


Film Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer
Boy Eats Girl Fr Cornelius Stephen Bradley Boy Film Productions
The Escapist Jones Gilles MacKinnon Houdini Ltd
81 Mr Friel Stephen Burke 81 Films
All Things Bright And Beautiful Pat Joe Coyle Barry Devlin Good Film Company
City of Ember Messenger Nander Gil Kenan Pipework Productions
5 Minutes of Heaven Landlord Oliver Hirschbiegel BBC Films
Cherrybomb Smiley Lisa Barros D'Sa Cherrybomb productions


Television Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Channel
As The Beast Sleeps Heck Harry Bradbeer BBC
The Bill Phelan David Richards Thames Television
Rules of Engagement Mahoney Charles C Dougall Yorkshire Television
Circle Of Deceit Grady Simon Lewis Yorkshire Television
Arise And Go Now Art Og Danny Boyle BBC
The Chosen Jaygo Conor Morrissey RTE/HTV
The Seventh Stream Buyer John Gray Highland Productions
Love And Rage Eamon Cahal Black Asingade LTD
The Double Tommy Malone Mary McMurray RTE
Schizophrenic City Wolfe Tone David Hydeman Channel 4


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