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Odhran Livingstone


Odhran is very natural on camera and plays a wide range of emotions. For one so young he has a great understanding of what is required and responds to direction excellently. ·
Playing Range:Kids
Hair: Brown
Height: 153cm
Build: Medium
Eyes: Brown
Accents: Excellent ear for accents
Musical Instruments:
Skills: Very skilled in sport and good dance skills.
Vehicle Licences:
Current Location: Lurgan


Theatre Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Venue
Lion King Pumba Pamela Cassells PCSP Market Place Theatre, Armagh
Jungle book Baloo Pamela Cassells PCSP Portadown town hall
Sticks and Stones-Theatre in Education Curtis(lead) Pamela Cassells PCSP Market place Theatre, Armagh
Jack and the Beanstalk Pantomime Peter- Dickie bird Pamela Cassells Stephen Kelly c21 Theatre Company Braid Theatre, Ballymena


Television Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Channel
Advert for Tourism NI Child(featured) Nick Hutchinson BNL Productions


Radio Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer
Voice over- Shared spaces Nick Hutchinson BNL Productions