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Hannah McClean


Liverpool John Moores University, BA Hons - Drama · Just wrapped on 'Sick Note' for Sky Atlantic
Playing Range:Twenties
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5'4
Build: Athletic_Slim
Eyes: Blue
Accents: Cockney, Essex, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Northern Irish, Northern Working Class, RP, Scottish, Standard . Californian, General American, Mexico, Southern American
Musical Instruments: Violinist (Grade 5)
Vehicle Licences:
Current Location: London


Theatre Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Venue
Puppy Dog Tails Madeleine Anthony Cozens The Pensive Federation
It's All About The Holidays Jenna Kathleen Douglas Little Pieces of Gold
Trigger Happy Charlotte Madelaine Moore Little Pieces of Gold
The Collective Project Various Laura Attridge The Pensive Federation
Ladylogue - Ladykiller Her Madelaine Moore he Thelma's
The Hotel Room - Undercover Paddy Jared Rogers Stack 10
The Collective Project Loretta, Jess, Kate and Stevie Neil J. Byden The Pensive Federation
Postal Charity Jessica Radcliffe Theatre 503
Fake Fur Coat Linda Jessica Radcliffe The Pensive Federation
Kennedy's Children Carla Colin Carnegie Centre Stage Theatre Company
Operation Blitz Jo Zoe Seaton Big Telly Theatre Company
The Hiring Fair Niamh Kieran Quinn Balor Arts Theatre Company


Film Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer
About Time Wedding Guest Richard Curtis Ealing Studio
Intervention Rosie Jim Archer Films of London,


Television Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Channel
Sick Note Chemo Nurse Matt Lipsey King Bert / Sky Atlantic
6 Degrees Sarah Paul Riordan BBC2 NI