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Romans Beguns


Russian/Latvian actor based in Belfast. Oratory skill courses, licensed by Moscow University, Riga. Stage combat with Academy of Performance Combat, British Action Academy level 2 training, London·
Playing Range:Twenties Thirties
Hair: Brown
Height: 172 cm
Build: Muscular
Eyes: Brown
Accents: Russian,Eastern European, Scandinavian, French,German,Middle Eastern
Musical Instruments:
Skills: Full Clean Driving License, Fluent English, Russian and Latvian, Screen Combatant (unarmed, sword, sword and shield, rapier, gladius, double-handed sword, baton, spear, spear and shield), Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing (Purple Belt), Military experience, Handguns, Rifles
Languages: English, Russian and Latvian
Vehicle Licences: Full clean licence
Current Location: Belfast


Film Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer
Point Of No Return( Roman Gleb Knysh Uproduction
Morgan Paul Giamatti Luke Scott Scott Free Productions
The Question( K Taylor(lead) Dmitry Russo
Permutations John(lead) Conor McGuiness
Fridays Hotel Andrew(lead) Mikhail Mamedov Forma Pro Films
Zenith House Helen’s nephew Thomas Stogdon
Coke Isn’t Joke Special forces soldier(lead) Romans Beguns killer films


Television Credits Include:
Title Character Director Producer Channel
Line Of Duty Ethan Parker Michael Keillor BBC
Game Of Thrones Gladiator Miguel Sapochnik HBO
The Fall Detective Allan Cubitt BBC
37 Days Russian secretary Justin Hardy BBC
Halo: Nightfall Port technician Sergio Gezzan Bounder & Cad


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